Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Day

We have not ridden the tandem since May 20th. We took the kids to school that day and it was great. The Sun was out everyone had a great time. It was the last outing before my scheduled surgery to repair a laberal tear in my left hip.

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful and we had a BBQ to attend. Parking was limited and the suggestion was to ride bikes. I have been riding my Single for about a month and started back to commuting about a week ago. Robin asked if I was up to riding the Tandem. I felt good and said "Yes". So one Tandem and a five year old on a Trailabike. Then my oldest son asked if we could take the Tandem tag along. Hum??. One Tandem + One Tandem Trailabike = One long..... bike (heavy too). Supporting all that weight when we start and stop was a little daunting, but we love to ride this contraption.

I'm glad we did. It was a little weird at first and I can tell I still have a ways to go to recover fully from the surgery. We got back into the swing of it within five minutes. The bike can be squirrely but we got over that.

We got so many comments. I had forgotten that people just stop and stare. Even folks in cars slow way down.

Summer's almost done but I'm ready to ride with my family again. Perhaps we can get a ride in this afternoon.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sheep Part 2

So all the formatting worked.

Time to try some colours (I'm English)

red and yellow and pink and green,
orange and purple and blue,
I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow,
blah, blah, blah, blah to......


My wife started writing a blog 18 months ago. I started a blogspot account at the same time. Not because I had any interest in blogging, but because I'm her technical support and I did not want to test things on her live blog.

I'm really not interested in too many things. The list is short and in no specific order.

  • Riding Bicycles
  • Helping people solve computer problems
  • Family

I have tried to set up my blog to post from my phone. Which is a cool feature I may use while I am out riding.

This post was written on my MacBook Pro using the the OS X mail client. I want to see if any formatting in the email got preserved.

So we have a bulleted list above.

This should be bold

This should be italic

This should be underlined

This is centered

This is right justified

This is a link to my wife's blog

Time tp send and see the results.